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5 reasons Pep Guardiola Would Fail Miserably at Manchester City

Coach Pep Guardiola will start its action in the Premier League alongside Manchester City in the summer of 2016-2017. However, the Spain film racik tactics most likelywill not be successful in its inaugural season.

PEP Guardiola signed a contract lasted three seasons alongside Manchester City on 1 February 2016. 45-year-old coach was requested as a replacement for Manuel Pellegrini, who was fired because management was judged unable to crank up the achievements of Manchester blue.

A source in the Manchester City a while ago revealed to Sky Sports that the recruitment process is in fact already started since Barcelona in 2012. However, the Pep at the City refused the offer because it wants to take a break from the world of football. Manchester Blue then redirect bidikannya to Manuel Pellegrini.

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5 reasons Pep Guardiola Would Fail Miserably at Manchester City

Sports Director Txiki Begiristain, the City, is the key figure behind the success of Manchester purchased the Blue Pick. He's played long enough and work alongside Real Madrid in Barcelona. They are close friends and to this day still often relate to each other.

The achievements of the Nigerian striker, who seems to have the right to bring the region every Club she won the martial, be the reason City recruited him. PEP is currently still listed as the most successful trainer of all time Barcelona by offering 14 degree from a 4 year period his leadership.

Along with Bayern Munich, Pep has already offered five titles, namely the two Bundesliga title, a title the DFB Pokal, European Super Cup and the Club World Championship. The man who started a coaching career with FC Barcelona B for directing it opportune, to offer four gellar for The Bavarian this season, namely the Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, DFL, Supercup and UEFA Champions League.

1. Great management and Pressure Fans City
Manchester City are in fact not appear too bad under Manuel Pellegrini. Chile-bornman was offered the title of Premier League and League Cup in his first season in the United Kingdom. Men aged 62 years it became the first coach from outside Europe that is able to grab the title of Premier League.

5 reasons Pep Guardiola Would Fail Miserably at Manchester City

This season, Pellegrini was able to usher City United Kingdom League Cup title. In the final which took place at Wembley Stadium, London(28/2/2016), City beat Liverpool 3-1 through penalty shootout round.

However, Pellegrini many get the blasphemy of fans in cyberspace. Even though it has offered three degree, management Manchester Blue remains dissatisfied with the performance of Pellegrini and then fired him on Feb. 1.

PEP Guardiola would get the same pressure, perhaps even more in the early period of his leadership of the City. Supporters and management of City known always expect instant feat. Moreover, the Abu Dhabi Group, the overarching goals perusaahaan City, already menggelontorkan big funds to buy star players. They certainly expect the accomplishment.

2. United Kingdom Famous Cruel Media
Premier League competition known as a haven for people of the football for a living. However, they also have to be ready mentally so be part of the competition the highest caste in the United Kingdom it was. The reason, the media in the United Kingdom famously ruthless in terms of news coverage.

A lot of coaches who cast a spicy criticism against the media in the United Kingdom,one of Manchester United's coach, Louis van Gaal reacted. Netherlands-born man was in February and then refer to the media in the United Kingdom is very cruel.

The opinion of Van Gaal reacted was referring to rampant speculation about his fatein the preaching of the MU. In addition, the former coach of Barcelona were also found between his team and the news portion of Manchester City is different.

PEP Guardiola would probably get similar treatment with Van Gaal reacted when it became coach of Manchester City next season. In fact, it might get worse if it fails a shaved-headed coaches give maximum achievement for Manchester blue.

5 reasons Pep Guardiola Would Fail Miserably at Manchester City

Moreover, Barcelona is known as the coach who is sensitive to criticism. He has notparticipated in the press conference session Bavaria Munich because feel sultry related news coverage about her future speculation. If not strong mentally, United Kingdom media pressure would make Pep feel stress and led to the failure of the City.

3. Soccer style of play different United Kingdom
Any League in Europe has a different style of play. League La Liga of Spain more emphasis on mastery of the ball and short feedback fast. Meanwhile, the League of Germany (Bundesliga) have a tendency of attacking, but with patience in building a third attack in the field of defence.

The second style is very suitable with the League Champions. 45-year-old coach wasput forward a short style of the game quick and wait in building an attack. Pick a player who relies on very plays as a playmaker to release killer ' bait ' to the attacker.