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Diego Milito Criticism Attitude Mauro Icardi

The legendary striker for Internazionale of Milan, Diego Milito criticized Captain Il Nerazzurri, Mauro Icardi. This autobiographical book launch-related controversy.

In his book, the offending hard-line supporters Icardi. This makes it got criticism and attacks and supporters Nerazzurri Il.

"It's obviously a very unnecessary comments," said Milito in the interview with Radio Guemes. "That comment was very inappropriate and makes it in conflict with supporters. Completely useless by anyone.

"It was a comment that does not give an advantage to anyone. Such an attitude is not very helpful. "

Milito was legendary attacker Inter with a total of 84 touchdowns along with Inter he played alongside Icardi at Giuseppe Meazza in 2013/14.

Diego Milito Criticism Attitude Mauro Icardi

AC Milan's goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma admitted very pleased to be able to defend the club he supported since childhood. He has a dream of being the captain of Milan within 10 years.

Donnarumma new 17 year old have become the option under the crossbar. He admitted his new contract dispute is not too along with Milan because it feels so happy together Il Rossoneri.

"My agent Mino Raiola is being take care of my new contract and in my opinion there will be no problem," said Donnarumma as quoted from Football Italy.

"There's nothing better than playing with a team that I loved and I always support. How I imagine myself at age 38? I hope remained active playing and probably within 10 years I wore the captain of Milan.

"Currently there are other players who deserve but in the future it could be my captain."
Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon declared that he does not want to be a coach when it is no longer active as a.

Diego Milito Criticism Attitude Mauro Icardi

Veteran Italy national team player has been melakoni 165 caps along with Azzuri live debut at age 19 in October 1997.

Buffon helped Italy national team successfully grabbed the world title in 2006. Current age 38 years of Buffon and soon her rumored plans to retire.

"Football became my world in 32 years," said Buffon.

"I have luck like worms in a person's body, and keeping all the things I've got."

"The pitch is a beautiful thing to be part of the match; It gives you emotions in the sense of your life. So I do not want to be a coach, with days like in General. "

"I will not reject the offer of national trainers; you still find the emotion on the pitch but with the course of time and the freedom to experience other things. "

Pick any supporting young goalie Gianluigi Donnarumma as new national team faces Italy in the future.

"Although the distance a great age, as younger brother Gigio for me, he's a special player, very quiet. I was at that age are very different with it. "

"Keuletannya, his thoughts and also exceptional quality he had. She has everything to make new history. We only had to wait 20 years to make conclusions. "
The name Fabio Capello touted will replace Frank De Boer at Internazionale of Milan. The son of Don Fabio, Pierfilippo Capello gave a response about the possibility.

Pierfilippo mentions that there is no chance of his father docked to Inter he called enjoying activities central Capello at the moment.

"My dad won't go to Inter, there also goes everywhere," said Pierfilippo told SportItalia.

"He's happy with who he was doing. My father was approached by Inter since 1996. He was almost deal with Inter twice. in 2006, between before or after One but I can't remember exactly when. "she continued

"That obviously he ascertained not to Inter,"
Napoli lost 2-3 from Besiktas in the Champions League, Thursday (7/10) early morning GMT. Goalkeeper Pepe Reina Naples, calling his team lack confidence.

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Diego Milito Criticism Attitude Mauro Icardi

Naples initiated the Champions League with which Il Partenopei defeated Benfica and Dynamo Kiev. But in the third party by surprise surrender of Besiktas in the stable of his own.

Napoli in a match many make mistakes in endure and less sharp in attack. This result made fans disappointed and cheer for the team's Maurizio Sarri corresponded.

"Fans are the most important things and we should appreciate them, but we need most today is confidence," said Reina to Mediaset Premium.

"I chose the audience not to cheer for us, but they are free to express who they want. But his own mistakes we did show a sense of lacking confidence from us at this time.