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It Opposed, Medel Was Suspended Three Games

Gary Alexis Medel Soto or known by the Inter Milan midfielder Gary Medel. including players who behave violently.

Well, Chile midfielder got three matches because of the actions of skors ballpark after elbowing a player when his team Kurtic Jasmin Atalanta lost 1-2 on Sunday.

The incident in minute 39 was not seen by referee Daniele Doveri, but tv footage expose players Chile captured Kurtic "suddenly and do free motion with his left arm," said that Committee through their official website ( on Monday.

29-year-old international player that would be absent on a visit to the headquarters of Torino on Wednesday, visit Sunday to the headquarters of Sampdoria, and home game entertained Crotone on November 6.

Inter currently inhabit the ranks 14th with a collection of 11 numbers from nine matches.
Lost and found's flagship player injuries, it splashed against Juventus after their defeat over AC Milan 1-0, on Saturday (22-10) at San Siro Stadium.

The Juventus striker namely Paulo Dybala ascertained will be absent in some time in the future after got injured muscles, where the player must leave the field at minute 33.

The examination had done to the 22-year-old player, where the presence of collision on the part of his calves.

Too Much Individual Action, Juventus Was Criticized

"The medical examination to Paulo Dybala explained baha thunderous Argentina gets a banging on the muscle tissue of the foot kananya which requires her out in a match Saturday against Milan at the San Siro," sound of the Juventus official statement.

"Specifically, on Sunday's inspection showed damage in the muscle, occurs in between the top and bottom of the thigh muscles, which can not be predicted when the player will be back from injury."

Dybala has already scored four goals in 11 of his performances this season.
AC Milan managed to earn three points in the game's big match against Juventus, Sunday (23/10) early morning GMT. Single goal Manuel Locatelli brought Il Rossoneri victory with a score of 1-0.

The match was exciting walking since the start of a match where both teams mutually successive attacks. Paulo Dybala threatened Milan's goal early in the game but still have not been fruitful. Milan also got opportunities through Suso still secured Gianluigi Buffon.

In the middle of the match running interesting, Dybala should be pulled out because of injury. There are moments that become controversy on 36 minutes when Juventus goals were annulled because Leonardo Bonucci deemed offside position inside.

On 65 minutes, Locatelli become a differentiator in this game. By Suso sending feedback to Locatelli, this 18 year old players kick that failed were stopped by Buffon.

Too Much Individual Action, Juventus Was Criticized

Juventus almost reply seven minutes later through Juan Cuadrado. Lucky Alessio Romagnoli still sprightly to sweep the ball. Until the long whistle sounded effortless Juventus equalize deadlocked and Milan secured a 1-0 victory.
Juventus Central peering opportunities to get players behind Paris Saint-Germain, Thiago Silva. Bring Silva, reminding the Juventus Director Giuseppe Marotta, when Andrea Pirlo bring in 2011.

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Silva's contract expires in June 2017 and Juventus peering opportunities to bring the Brazil midfielder with the status of a free transfer at the end of this season.

"Thiago Silva is a tremendous player and I do not know what the wishes of PSG in the future," said Marotta was quoted as saying from Football Italy.

"This reminds me of when we bring in Pirlo. He is considered by some parties is up this transfer however proved to be a great purchase for us. "

When in 2011 Milan did not extend the contract of Pirlo and is utilized by Juventus for the producers brought him free of charge. Total in four seasons along with Juventus, Pirlo appeared in 164 matches and scored 19 goals.