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Herrera: Mourinho is honest, He would say in front of your face

John Obi Mikel clarify media coverages which stated that Antonio Conte to punish him because the decision to defend Nigeria at the 2016 Olympics. The Chelsea midfielder was mengklarifikasinya via the @mikel_jhon_obi Twitter account.

In a statement that 29-year-old player, it's a spare existence of miscommunication between the statement delivered technical advisory Nigeria, Gernot Rohr, and Nigerian media before the match between Nigeria's fight against Algeria on 2018 World Cup qualification European zone.

"To be absolutely clear, Conte and Chelsea always give full support to me and the team of Nigeria while in Rio (the Olympics)," one of the statements of Mikel in klarifikasinya.

"The Manager gave me the blessings to participate at the Olympics and even hope that I bring back a gold medal," he said.

Herrera: Mourinho is honest, He would say in front of your face

Previously, there was a proclamation that Conte inadvertently "saves" Mikel from his plan as a result of the decision not to follow the plan that Mikel pramusim Chelsea.

It was delivered by a technical adviser to Nigeria, Gernot Rohr.

However, Mikel again stressed that their relationship is currently in good shape withChelsea. He has shared the hope of the club or the national team.

"My focus now is to grab the victory and the title alongside Chelsea and brought Nigeria to the final round of the World Cup 2018. It is a challenge. I can't wait to deal with it in the coming months, "he said.

Man United, midfielder Ander Herrera, said Jose Mourinho got the full support of Manchester United. He was judge of origin as Portugal Manager guy honest.

Man Utd live start of the season that did so well under Mourinho. Currently, the Red Devils, nickname of Man United, sitting in sixth Premier League standings.

Herrera: Mourinho is honest, He would say in front of your face

Certainly the position outside of the expectations and the hopes of supporters of Man United.

Despite the existence of a series of news sound problem at Man United, Herrera said, the players remained supportive of Jose Mourinho's coaching methods and honesty from Portugal coach it.

"If the coach is not ' straight ', the player soon finds a way to let him out. However,Mourinho is very straight, "said Spain midfielder told the Daily Mail.

"He said what he thought and he said it in front of your face. He said something that we would like, but he will also say something we would not like it, "he said commenting the question the honesty of Mourinho.

Man United have yet to achieve the best games. However, for Herrera, so far the achievement he's good enough, that is to appear in eight of the 11 League games.

27-year-old players was to thank Mourinho for giving him the opportunity and trust.

Herrera feel under Mourinho his playing has increased, which leads to the expectation to be called to the national team of Spain.

"I am more defensive now. I think I have the ability to win the ball back quickly when we lose the ball, "he said.

"I have taken a leap forward in Man United who have allowed me to get into the national team," he said.

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Henceforth, Man United will face a big game when the clash against Arsenal at Old Trafford on match of the Premier League, Saturday (19/11/1999).

Striker Olivier Giroud, not concerned with the survival of his career with at Arsenal even though it has become the ultimate choice in front-line by Manager Arsene Wenger.

Based on data from Transfermarkt, Giroud new one time entry to the list of startingeleven The Gunners-nickname-on Arsenal this season.

That moment occurred when Arsenal won 6-0 in the fourth match against Ludogorets Group A of the Champions League, November 1, 2016.

However, in the Premier League, the original attacker had once did France go downsince the first minute of the match.

Herrera: Mourinho is honest, He would say in front of your face

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, ever more often projected as a striker Alexis Sanchez. However, it does not make a forward 30 years was concerned.

"Wenger opted to install Sanchez in front line since I got the injury. Of course I want to play more often, "he said.

"I will work hard and never hesitate with my future at this Club," said Giroud.

Giroud indeed late joining the squad for Arsenal after the 2016 European Championship.

The Montpellier HSC former striker also had a big toe injury. He made sure that hernot anxious to compete with Sanchez as the mainstay of the Club.

"There is always a competition at the big clubs, especially now many attackers thathave diverse styles of play," he said.

"I'm always there for Sanchez and played against any team as needed. If Wenger wants to, we can also go down together, "said Giroud.

So far, Giroud had already dropped eight times and scored three goals.