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Too Much Individual Action, Juventus Was Criticized

AC Milan supporters began to show a sense of dislike toward Mario Balotelli. WhileBalotelli went down in a Serie A match against Lazio at the San Siro on Sunday (20/3/2016), Milanisti mencemoohnya.

Balotelli in on 74 minutes substitute Luiz Adriano and jeers greeted the Milan supporters. The negative reaction is closely related to the appearance of Inter Milan are far from impressive.

Since borrowed from Liverpool in August 2015, Balotelli only played 14 times in Serie A, three of them as a starter. Of the total appearance, the former Manchester Cityplayer scored only one goal.

Travel Trophies in Milan this season groin injury colored and had a three-month hiatus. Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan, also criticised Balotelli in appearance.

"Balotelli and Jeremy Menez doesn't quite try hard for the team. They do sometimeshelp the offensive team. But, against Lazio, they do not do so, "said Mihajlovic.

The difficulties experienced by Balotelli pun allegedly made the Rossoneri management signed her in feel free to residents.

Too Much Individual Action, Juventus Was Criticized

Whereas, previously, AC Milan President, Silvio Berlusconi had hinted at Balotelli could continue his career at the San Siro. After, coach Juergen Klopp, Liverpool do not put the Trophies into the plan along with The Reds.

With complaints of cold welcome supporters and Mihajlovic, Milan has now indicated to embody Berlusconi's words. On the other hand, Liverpool is rumored to have received an offer from a club in the League of China who are interested in using the services of the controversial striker.

The Juventus striker, Paulo Dybala, stating that there is no team like Barcelona.

The statement conveyed related wishes the Argentina midfielder playing with compatriot who was also the star of Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

"I am proud that Idol sepertio Messi says that I will be suksesor him. That means I work well so I must continue on this path," said Messi told El Chiringuito.

Too Much Individual Action, Juventus Was Criticized

In addition, Dybala is also talking about Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo. "Cristiano showed his ability at every game. She is awesome because of all the players who play in his position want to print all the goals, "he said.

Dybala actually touted as perhaps Barca and Madrid. Approximately where Dybalawill be anchored? "Real Madrid is a great game. They have a new coach and it is difficult in a short time playing as a coach wants, "he said.

"The question of Barcelona, you need not tell me. They play with their philosophy in a long time since trained Josep Guardiola. They have the world's best player at the moment. There's no team like Barcelona, "he continued.

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, criticized the attitude of the players win over Sepatu Futsal Specs Torino in Serie A continued at Stadio Olimpico Sunday (20/1/2016.

Score 4-1 shows the gap kuaitas second team in this game. However, I-was considered too disparaging opponents look inferior.

Too Much Individual Action, Juventus Was Criticized

"It is unfortunate we demonstrate too much movement of individuals and dribble," said Allegri.

"We still look very mature and not see it as an easy situation. We must fix this attitude, "said 48-year-old man.

Word that Allegri is supported by statistics. According to Whoscored, Juventus dribble as much as 21 times, while Torino's just 12 times.

Most records held by Paul Pogba, with five times the dribble. French midfielder alsoscored one goal through a free kick.

Sinisa Mihajlovic opened the opportunity to leave AC Milan at the end of the season. He was also interested in deal with Lazio, which had dibelanya during becomingplayers.

It is said by Mihajlovic after the two teams draw 1-1 in Serie A continued in the San Siro Stadium, Sunday (20/3/2016).

With those results, Milan and harder to reach the zone of Europe. They are closely linked with Inter Milan six points that ranked fifth.

If the arrangement goes up to the end of the season, Mihajlovic threatened loss ofOffice. President Silvio Berlusconi has maintained that his team's target was to capture European club competition tickets next season.

"The President does not vary much with other Club patrons. He will evaluate and decide whether to retain coach or not, "said Mihajlovic.

"Gone are the options. If agreed to walk together, we will do it. If one does not agree, we would split up, "said the Serbian-born man.

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According to Mihajlovic, Lazio could become attractive destinations. Moreover, there is an emotional attachment because he never worked there for six years.

"Lazio is one of the happiest period in my career. Do I want to go back? It is possible that in six, sevenor ten years, "said Mihajlovic.