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Mario Balotelli once had a Strange Clause in Liverpool

Liverpool rumored to The Sunday Times, Sunday (4/12/2016), had a strange clause in the contract include Mario Balotelli. Original Club Merseyside that inserting a clause granting bonus each season for Balotelli if behave well.

"If in every season of the contract, the players are not ejected from the field on three or more occasions for committing violence, spat at an opponent or others, actingwith offensive language or insulting, rude gestures, and body or dissent by word or action, then every June 30, at the end of the season, the player will receive a bonus worth 1 million pounds," the sound of the clause.

Strong suspicion of deliberately inserting such clauses Liverpool so Balotelli could control his emotions more. This is because Super Mario known as a player who oftendo the provocative actions and behaviors that are often detrimental to the Club.

The clause in fact proved powerless to prevent the emotional action Balotelli. During the Liverpool range uniformed 2014 to 2016, Italy midfielder was never getting the red card. Thus, Liverpool must pay 2 million pound sterling or equivalent to Rp 34billion for Trophies.

Mario Balotelli once had a Strange Clause in Liverpool

In addition, also revealed details about the fee Inter at Anfield. A 26-year-old players that get wages worth 85 thousand pound sterling or equivalent to Rp 1.4 billion per week.

Original Club Merseyside also included the clause per bonus goals for Inter. In the contract clauses, Balotelli will get a bonus of 25 thousand pounds for each of the firstfive goals he scored in the Premier League or European competitions.

After that, Trophies get 50 thousand pounds per goal he scored. With four goals scored: uniformed squads during The Red value 100 thousand pounds or equivalent Rp 1.7 billion.

Mario Balotelli is finally removed to Liverpool for free at OGC Nice on August 31, 2016. Up to now, Balotelli had already scored seven goals in nine matches that are played along the Club France.

Drawing the third round of the FA Cup which takes place at the BT Tower, London, Monday (5/12/2016) night local time, have been completed. As a result, Manchester United and Chelsea meets an opponent who is not too heavy.

MU which is last season's FA Cup champions will face Reading at Old Trafford. Up The Red Devils victory in the duel and qualified for the fourth round is great. Because in the last nine meetings, Manchester United never swallow defeat of Reading.

Mario Balotelli once had a Strange Clause in Liverpool

The duel that is not too heavy also made by Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. The Blues face Notts County or Peterborough United at Stamford Bridge, The Reds will meladeni Newport County or Plymouth Argyle at the Anfield Stadium, as well as The Gunners who clash with Preston North End's Deepdale Stadium.

Meanwhile, Manchester City and Leicester City will face an opponent that is pretty heavy on big 32 phase of the FA Cup. City face West Ham United at the London Stadium, while Leicester visits to headquarters of Everton at Goodison Park.

FA Cup third round matches took place in the autumn, and on occasions would be 6 to 9 January 2017. But if there is a draw, the team would take place party replay. Meanwhile, the final game remains held at Wembley Stadium, may 27, 2017.

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill, calling if the attitude of Diego Costa is much differentcompared to previous seasons. According to Cahill, Costa is now able to dampen the emotions and more quiet.

"I think we see a Diego Costa calmer at this season. I know everyone thinks he's a grumpy men, but you could see if he was a smart player at this time, "said Cahill.

Mario Balotelli once had a Strange Clause in Liverpool

The Spain midfielder is known as one of the attackers temperament on the Court. All last season, the former Atletico Madrid bomber absent in seven games because ofa red card in a match ban and sanctions due to the game's ballpark.

But under the care of Antonio Conte, Diego Costa much more calm. Of the 16 matches have already traveled throughout the pageant competition, the new 28-year player collected four yellow cards.

The attitude of the quiet and start Costa increasingly adults are also in line with their performance in the field. The attacker called complete Diego da Silva Costa it scored 11 touchdowns plus five assists from 16 matches.

The latest, he scored one goal and one assist while Chelsea grabbed a 3-1 victory over Manchester City at the weekend matches Premier League at Etihad Stadium, Saturday (3/12/2016).

"We have difficulty mastering the ball in the first half and so does he, and in recent years he may be frustrated at the time. But this time, she remained calm and contribute more often in the second half, "continued Cahill.