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Olivier Giroud Faithful Along With Arsenal

The Liverpool star, Philippe Coutinho, assessing one of the keys to success The Redsappeared primed on the 2016-2017 season because the exercise methods applied at Melwood Jurgen Klopp.

"We work hard in games set in the bait, because our manaje (Jurgen Klopp) happy playing style like this. Sometimes we do a lot of practice with three short after it turned into a long bait-bait, "says Philippe Coutinho.

"We sometimes repeat it regularly. One of the reasons we do this so that the strikercould escape the control of the opposing players and open spaces on the field quickly, "Philippe Coutinho added.

Until the weekend, Liverpool are in third position standings with 30 points, while thelagging four digits from Chelsea in the first position. Although considered to be performing well, in the last match, Liverpool surrendered a 3-4 from Bournemouth, Dean Court, on Sunday (4/12/2016).

"Confidence is a big factor in the field. In my opinion, it repeats occur in practice. Ifwe can get two or three chances in 90 minutes, you must be sure you can make the decision right in the opponent's area, "said Philippe Coutinho.

Olivier Giroud Faithful Along With Arsenal

Related to step exercise method of uncovering Liverpool, Philippe Coutinho added, "in my opinion, this is not a secret. You just need practice to make some decision being right. "

Agent Olivier Giroud, Michael Manuello, making sure his clients would remain at Arsenal and cannot leave in the January transfer of 2017.

"I never make contact with the Club of Italy. Olivier else felt fine at Arsenal. He willmenyeelsaikan 2016-2017 season here, "said Manuello.

"There is no possibility for Olivier Giroud to leave in January transfer. He's not interested in moving on the transfer of stock of winter, "said Manuello.

The future of Olivier Giroud began to be speculation on the 2016-2017 season. It happened after Manager Arsene Wenger more put trust on Alexis Sanchez as a striker.

Giroud finally knocked off the regular squad Arsenal. So far, France midfielder was recently featured during the 12 minutes in 375 matches in various event.

Therefore, Olivier Giroud began to be associated with the plan moving from Arsenal. Juventus became one of the clubs reportedly interested in securing the services ofex penggawa Montpellier it. Giroud itself still bound to a contract until 30 June 2018at the Emirates Stadium.

The Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, assess Chelsea Premier League trophy could grab if it could continue to perform consistently. According to Carragher, Chelsea have showed remarkable game changes.

Olivier Giroud Faithful Along With Arsenal

"I think the stats, the records of the meeting will be very important towards the end of a season later. Chelsea had indeed lost the two games early. However, since that time, they were able to do a great job and fantastic, "said Carragher.

"They were able to win despite being left behind in the first two games against Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. At the moment, Chelsea is an ideal candidate for Premier League title-winning later, "continued Carragher.

Chelsea's Antonio Conte, melakoni got a bad start in this season's Premier League competition. Recorded, they gobbled up two victories, three defeats and one draw, from six matches early.

However, after that Chelsea were able to stifle all criticism by grabbing eight winning streak in the Premier League. As a result, they successfully claimed the top position in the standings by 34 points.

Chelsea are also predicted to grab three points at the end of this week. So, Chelsea will play in the public own meet West Bromwich Albion, Sunday (11/12/2016).