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Mats Hummels Praise The Totality Of Liverpool Supporters

The relationship of Jose Mourinho and midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan continues to be a rumor. Not want to linger, Mkhitaryan admitted to not having a bad relationship with his manager of Manchester United.

Manchester Evening News, Saturday (6/12/2016) night released the phrase Mkhitaryan related his relationship with Jose Mourinho. According to Mkhitaryan, the only reason she was on the bench was failing to compete with the other players.

"There's not a bad relationship with Mourinho. I always have a good relationship. The problem that there is not a question of Mourinho, but about me. Now I understand why I got a chance to play. I would keep it because it is very important for me to play with Manchester United, "Mkhitaryan said.

Mkhitaryan came to Manchester United in the early season 2016-2017. Upon arriving, said Mkhitaryan. the subject of the discussion is interesting. Some Parties statedMkhitaryan worthy of being the core squad for Manchester United. Alas, Mkhitaryanmore often are on the bench.

This season, the new package Mkhitaryan 10 appearances in all competitions along with Manchester United, as well as scoring two assists. These conditions make public menerka-nerka Mkhitaryan were stormy relationship with Mourinho.

Mats Hummels Praise The Totality Of Liverpool Supporters

Mkhitaryan failed to pay trust Mourinho when Manchester United 1-2 submission ofManchester City (9/10/1999). Then, Mkhitaryan appeared indeed did not match expectations.

Mkhitaryan admitted had forgotten it in order to continue to grow. "When decidingthe move to Manchester United, I've always thought it should be in the core of the squad. I understand it will not be easy for me, "Mkhitaryan said.

Midfielder Michael Carrick became one among the Manchester United admit penggawa no problem between Mkhitaryan with Jose Mourinho. "Their condition is harmony, and it's great for Manchester United," stated Carrick.

The position of Jose Mourinho, was rumored ESPN on Tuesday (6/12/2016), it is stillsafe because the Manchester United officials are quite satisfied with the performance of the Manager.

Mourinho's future before the speculations were strongly inconsistent appearance due to Manchester United. The latest, the Red Devils again failed to achieve victory after being held 1-1 Everton Premier League matches in 2016-2017, Sunday (4/12/2016).

It is the result of a goalless streak in the last three games. Manchester United is nowranked sixth while the Premier League standings with 21 points, or 13 digits from left Chelsea in the first position.

However, the Club's top brass is not a problem with the situation now experienced by Manchester United. Mourinho already touted performance better than what previous managers.

Mats Hummels Praise The Totality Of Liverpool Supporters

The officers Club also reportedly do not want based on match results experienced by Manchester United. They are believed to be providing support for Mourinho whowas trying to improve the game of Manchester United.

In addition to the Premier League, Manchester United also still have hope in three other competitions. Manchester United cruised into the semi-finals of the League Cup, United Kingdom competed in the round of 32 of the great FA Cup, and another step advance to the Europa League round of 16, 2016-2017.

Bayern Munich Defender Mats Hummels, praising the totality presented Liverpool supporters. For him to Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool have in common in terms ofsupporting the team.

While still in uniform Hummels of Dortmund, never meets The Reds in the Europa League quarter-final action 2015-2016. In the first leg of the Signal-Iduna Stadium occasions Park, April 7, 2016, the two teams draw 1-1.

However, Liverpool were able to perform heroic when melakoni the second leg at Anfield Stadium, April 14, 2016. Had left behind two touchdowns, The Red squads managed to rise up and lock the victory with the score 4-3.

The four goals The Reds into Divock Origi (48 '), Philippe Coutinho (66 '), MamadouSakho (78 '), and Dejan Lovren (90 + 1 '). Meanwhile, the three goals of Die Borussen Henrikh Mkhitaryan into at the 5th minute, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's 9th minute, and Marco Reus 57 minutes.

"It is a bad match. We lost at the last minute and we had to terdepak of the Europa League. However, the atmosphere before the game, even before we lead 3-1, is a very amazing. I love it, "said Hummels.

"I remember when I was on the bus, there are so many Liverpool supporters are cheering. It was very emotional. It is something that is very similar to the supporters of Dortmund. I think you can compare the two clubs, "said the Germany national teamDefender.