Senin, 06 Maret 2017

Phil Jones: Manchester United Should Immediately End The Trend Of Minor

The Manchester United Defender, Phil Jones, admitted his team were not lucky in the Premier League this season. To that end, Jones asked MU immediately rose and settled the bad trends.

The Red Devils haven't been able to put an end to the sequence of results in the League series. Manchester United have always grabbed the draw in the last three games in the competition of the highest caste in the United Kingdom.

When the live action at Old Trafford, MU was only able to draw 1-1 each when meets Arsenal (19/2/2016) and West Ham United (27/11/1999). Score is identical it continues at the end of last week when a trip to the headquarters of Everton at Goodison Park.

Whereas action on The Toffees cons, Jose Mourinho's squad that appeared to dominate. MU records the possession of 54.5 percent compared to 45.5 percent belonged to Everton.

Manchester United also excels in advance through remote Spurn Ibrahimovic on 42minutes, before likened by Leighton Baines three minutes before the match ended via the execution of the penalty.

Phil Jones: Manchester United Should Immediately End The Trend Of Minor

"Everton showed the direct game and strategies that make it difficult for You to survive. However, I think our team is still able to stand upright and still face tough matches ahead, "said Jones.

"We are too many lost points this time and be a trend lately. We need to act quicklywill it. I think in the last four to five games we dominated the game but was not able to grab the victory. And this happened again and it makes me disappointed, "he said.

Up to the 14th week of the Premier League. Manchester United stayed in sixth position standings while with a value of 21. They are linked to 13 points from Chelsea who is still in the Bundesliga.

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger sent a ' mockery ' for two penggawa The Gunners,Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil. Wenger assess the duo overestimated the money.

Arsene Wenger revealed this after seeing a new contract deal for both players had also encountered the word agreed. Service Ozil and Sanchez along with Arsenal expires on June 30, 2018. These conditions make the Club rush parties make contact against both subject extension of duration of the contract.

Some of the local media to preach both players actually have the desire to stay longer at the Emirates Stadium. Alas, the deal is a matter of value adding salary as well as a clause of sales into new contract agreement barrier wall.

Good Ozil and Sanchez asked for salary increases. Evening Standard London preach that both players asked tambakan 290,000 pounds or worth Rp 4.9 billion per week. Currently, Alexis Sanchez get a salary of 130 thousand pounds or around Rp 2.09 billion per week. Ozil reaped 140 thousand pounds or USD 2.25 billion per week.

Phil Jones: Manchester United Should Immediately End The Trend Of Minor

Arsene Wenger admitted not exhausted thought with the demands of two penggawa. The Manager of the origin of France asked both not only think about money in order to prove their loyalty towards the Club.

"I just want to say luxury in a modern football is not just about sheer money issues.Your negotiating many times to the agents of players so that we continue to makedeals, "said Wenger.

Kengototan Arsenal defend Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil could not escape from their contribution to the team over the years. Sanchez has strengthened a team Cannon London as much as 112 appearances and produced 55 goals and 32 assists.

Ozil has a record of 135 matches with nicks 28 goals and 48 assists for the team shed bullet. This season, Sanchez and Ozil into key game Arsenal, especially in the netsdefeated the enemy.