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Allegri: Juventus is not a Performance Crisis, but ...

Juventus, coach Massimiliano Allegri, revealed that her team was not going through a crisis on its performance. According to Allegri, the Bianconeri Middle crisis thus match results.

La Vecchia Signora indeed elections caused a less satisfactory results in Serie A competition this season. Of the five games already played, only one ended up with the victory. Lastly, they fail because victory on hold 1-draw by guests, Frosinone, Thursday (24/9/2015).

"Juventus is undergoing a crisis of results, not a performance crisis. We still have time to achieve good results in the standings, "said Allegri, quoted from Italy, FootballFriday (25/9/2015).

"There is no aspect of this team disappointing me. We've been getting four to fivemore points, "he said.

For the next match, Paul Pogba dkk will face resistance host Napoli on Sunday(27/9/2015). While in the Champions League, Juventus will entertain Sevilla, Thursday (1/9/2015). Allegri hopes skuatnya can reap satisfactory results from the two games.

"The match against Sevilla could determine to be able to qualify from the group phase. While the game against Napoli did not specify, but it is a very important week.We should be excited and calm, "said Allegri.

Allegri: Juventus is not a Performance Crisis, but ...

Mario Balotelli is more discipline in practice. This 25 year old striker has also contributed one goal for AC Milan. However, true kah Balo has changed?

In a match of the Serie A Udinese cons (22/9), Inter Milan scored the first goal through free kicks, while new matches running one minute.

However, that fact is not enough to convince the captain of Milan, Riccardo Montolivo, that a teammate has really turned into a better football player. Montolivo demanding further proof of the Balo.

"I never asked him to prove himself has changed, not with words. He did it, "said Montolivo as reported by the Premium Sport.

"He provoked throughout the game, but still able to show his manhood is unequivocal. However, we just wait until Christmas, whether she really has changed or not, "said the Italy national team midfielder.

Balotelli has indeed managed to stifle his emotions in a duel cons Udinese. He is not affected by the number of violations committed Udinese defence against him.

Despite getting a yellow card in the 15th minute, Balotelli showed no signs of actionuntil the end of grogi.

Coach Sinisa Mihajlovic, Milan, believes Inter have already became a bomber strikesas before.

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Allegri: Juventus is not a Performance Crisis, but ...

"The real Balotelli has returned. Now, he could also face an opponent's provocations, "said Mihajlovic.

In a match against Udinese, Inter also believed to perform as a starter for the first time since his return to the San Siro with the status as a player on loan from Liverpool.

In fact, the last time the name Trophies are listed in list of starting XI is 147 days ago. On April 28, he was revealed as a starter while defending Liverpool counter in a duel of Hull City.

Since that time, Balotelli is more often sitting on the bench. In fact, he should be practicing with the team from Liverpool substitute because it is considered unable to present the best games together.

In 28 appearances with The Reds in the season 2014/15, Balotelli was only able to pack four goals in all competitions.

The perfect player Saw the appearance of Balotelli in a match against Udinese, Mihajlovic was not disinclined to even call it a flawless player.

"He is so perfect. The best player on the field. He really managed to make a difference, "said Mihajlovic.

Meanwhile, Balotelli again expresses his determination to rise from adversity. He wanted to focus more work for the team, not the fame.

"Slowly, I managed to eliminate the burden on my shoulders. In the last few years for grazing in Italy and the United Kingdom, many of the things said about me. However, I try to keep quiet, "Balotelli said.