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The Coach Of Fiorentina, Was Once Denied Mancini

Juventus failed to pluck the perfect promotional team points, Frosinone, at weekendmatches the Italian Serie a. Juventus win Failure may be more painful because due to their own supporters!

Juventus were detained against Frosinone 1-1 (23/9). The defending champions through superior Spurn Simone Zaza in the 50th minute. However, their victory party at Juventus Stadium goal are marred by the score of the opponent in the final minute.

The wrecking party, Leonardo Blanchard, is a staunch supporter of Juventus. 27 year old Italy defender was even coming to the stadium while Juventus melakoni supportcreated the final UEFA Champions League 2014/15 con Barcelona in Berlin, Germany (6/6).

"Three months ago, I was in the stands with a Juventus fan to another. My face is painted white-black. However, tonight I scored at home to Juventus as opponents. This life is amazing. I had an incredible feeling, "said Blanchard.

The former Siena players that scored a historic first for numbers presented because of Frosinone in Serie a. on the other hand, failure to win over the team that semenjana make Juventus prosecuted find their mandatory maximum results at home to Napoli, Saturday (10/9).

The Coach Of Fiorentina, Was Once Denied Mancini

Who exactly is under Inter with only suffered three goals conceded in five parties. However, the reserved style of play, Fiorentina inimitable Paulo Sousa was called more eye-catching.

The reason Inter could be so solid in midfield and the back is they reinforced a number of players semodel ferociously Joao Miranda, Gary Medel, Geoffrey Kondogbia, and Felipe Melo.

The consequences of placing a lot of players is the game fighter type Inter is not enough to become attractive.

"If it does not like the way we played, you can go look at Barcelona," said Melo, his team conquered Verona 1-0 weekend ago.

On the other side, Fiorentina relied on possession as a way to minimize the threat. La Viola (59.6 percents) is the team with the second-best percentage of possession in Serie A after Rome (59.9 percent).

Inter could go back to grab the maximum results when they edged past Fiorentina (27/9), though performed with a minimal performance? The troops need to be careful because Mancini against Atalanta (68%) Carpi (69%), Milan (51%), Chievo (55%), and Verona (63%), they can comfortably hold the ball.

The Coach Of Fiorentina, Was Once Denied Mancini

A similar dominance is not necessarily able to repeat them against Fiorentina, a verygood siphoning ball.

"Inter are on the tops the standings, but we want to win and took the first position," said Captain Carlos Tevez, Gonzalo Rodriguez, Italy at Football.

Duel vs. Inter Fiorentina at the Giuseppe Meazza, Sunday (27/9), could become the event of proof make guest team coach, Paulo Sousa.

The quality of the coach of Fiorentina, Paulo Sousa, never considered one eye by strategist Inter, Roberto Mancini.

It happens to take place in 1999, a.k.a. 16 years ago, when Sousa was still defendingstandards of Inter and Mancini reinforce Lazio. At that time, Lazio barely recruited Sousa. He entered in the transfer transaction Christian Vieri from Lazio headed to Inter.

However, the Sousa ultimately not so uniform sky blue. Ardent rivals AS Roma decided to purchased the teammate Sousa at Inter: Diego Simeone.

AS Roma coach, Rudi Garcia, pleaded not worried against record scorer Edin Dzeko.Bosnia striker was judged would contribute goals regularly if it is to adapt to the style of play his team.

The Coach Of Fiorentina, Was Once Denied Mancini

Scare yourself already melakoni six games together I Giallorossi, but just scored one goal. In fact, he had failed to show its productivity in the last four games.

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The note does not make Garcia uneasy. "Dzeko is an expert. He just needs to continue the best performance and the goals will come, "he said.

"We have to work improve the mix. We have to learn to play with Real Madrid, whileStrikers must learn how the game of my teammate, "Hughes continued.

Rather than real Madrid, Garcia put more attention to the line of Defense his team.His last chapter, Rome failed to take note of the clean sheet in four of the five Serie A matches.

"We always suffer goals, except against Frosinone. We must improve the team's attitude and cannot give space to the opponent, "he said.