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Terror Man United from Corner

For the third time this season, Liverpool FCF is capable of scoring more than three goals in a Premier League match.

Author: Dwi Widijatmiko

Saturday (8/9), The Reds beat up Hull City 5-1. This is the greatest victory earned Liverpool in League competition in 2016-2017.

Before this, The Reds also never had more than three goals in one match. Philippe Coutinho et al. defeated Arsenal 4-3 (14/8) and Leicester City 4-1 (10/9).

Throughout last season, Liverpool do such thing five times. Victorious with The Redsscored more than three goals in that occurs after Juergen Klopp team per October 8.

When Brendan Rodgers handled still in early 2015-2016, the maximum The Reds only scored three goals in a League party.

Terror Man United from Corner

All sign a change had been brought to Anfield Klopp? Statistics on OptaJoe such membenarkah.

Liverpool scored more goals than any other team in the Premier League since the party first Klopp on October 17, 2015.

In 30 of the party the remainder of 2015-2016, Liverpool registered 55 goals. This season until the weekend, The Reds managed 16 touchdowns. A total of 71 goals.

In another event this season, Liverpool also scored a lot of goals. They bend BurtonAlbion 5-0 (23/8) in Act II and Derby County's three goals without reply (20/9) in Act III League Cup.

A total of 24 goals in eight competitive party this season is their record highs in 121years. In 1895-96, Liverpool scored 34 goals in eight of the party.

Opta call Liverpool squad as the entertainer. Indeed such is the fact.

Viewers who watched the Liverpool match since handled Klopp guaranteed presence goals.

In fact, in the Premier League only once in the match The Red ala Klopp not decorated. The party is the debut of the original Manager Germany: cons Tottenham 0-0 on October 17, 2015.

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Terror Man United from Corner

During the taken care of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United scored a routine thatstarts from corner kicks. That ability to disappear since the legendary figure of this Scottish retired at medio 2013.

Author: Theresa Simanjuntak

The United direction of David Moyes and Louis van Gaal reacted failed to emphasise the advantages of Red Devil. This can be seen in comparisons of total goals scored from the corner of United's three previous seasons by 2012-2013, which was the last edition of Sir Alex.

The scoring drought of this situation seems over. In a 4-1 victory over Leicester(24/9), three goals from corner kicks: Chris Smalling, Marcus Rashford, and Paul Pogba.

Smalling, the last time before United scored a goal from a corner was on 20 April 2016 cons Crystal Palace, scored by Matteo Darmian.

Along West Bromine and West Ham, United are now recorded as the team with the second most goals of this situation in Premier League 2016-2017. They still lost to Hull, who managed four goals via corners.

The new season began, a total of three goals from corner kicks for United in the EPLthis season already equals the 2013-2014, half of 2014-2015, and one goal of 2015-2016.

Whether the goals versus Leicester is evidence that United eventually returned can be spreading terror via corner? The answer is Yes, as long as these two factors remain.

The first, Daley Blind. After briefly trying to Wayne Rooney, Juan Mata, even Phil Jones last season, proved to be good at doing a Blind corner.

Terror Man United from Corner

Serbabisa players from the Netherlands was in the process of executing a corner goal Smalling, Rashford, and Pogba.

The second is a tall player. United now have more welcoming corner in the penaltyarea berpostur giant opponent rather than the previous three seasons.

Smalling and Pogba, the goals they are cons Leicester created through the head, each berpostur 1.92 and 1.91 meters. Crime Squad is still Jose Mourinho got a figure like Zlatan Ibrahimovic (1.95 m) and Marouane Howard (1.94 m).

From 2013-2014 until last season, the Red Devil has only two player nonkiper player on top of 1.9 metre, i.e. Smalling and Howard.

"We've always worked hard in the corner, including last season. However, we continue to fail. Now, we know have a strong and tall players who can corner the ball fromGore to be a goal, "said Mata to MUTV.