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Man United Defender Ex So Decisive Victory Man City

"We deserved victory. The first game is always difficult indeed. All this week, we discuss the question of what we should do, and we have then, "said Guardiola after thegame, as reported by BBC Sport.

"Sometimes, you could experience a small fortune. We were supposed to appear more aggressive. However, this kind of thing should happen so that we can play better in the next game, "said man 45 years was continuing.

In that occasion, Guardiola also discussed the two rekrutan anyarnya, namely John Stones and Nolito. Both players played the Champions since the beginning of the match.

"John Stones and Nolito, they are all wonderful. We are a team, and certainly have to fight as a team. For a Manager and new players, we have to believe in what we do, "said he.

In this game, Pick a pretty shocking decisions apply. He kept the main City goalkeeper, Joe Hart, and prefer to play Wilfredo Caballero.

Man United Defender Ex So Decisive Victory Man City

What applied Guardiola certainly trigger questions. However, the former coach of FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich was not regretted her decision.

"Their (Hart and Caballero) was a professional footballer. They will fight to get prime position, "said Guardiola.

Furthermore, the City will undergo a first leg match of the Champions League qualifier against Romania, the origin of the Club Steaua Bucuresti. That game will be held at the Arena, Nationala Bucuresti, on Tuesday (16/8/2016) local time, or the early hours of Wednesday.

Newcastle United back to feel defeat in the advanced Division match of the Championship, Saturday (13/8/2016). Even the newest of these, Rafael Benitez lost to foster care in their headquarters, St James ' Park.

In the second game of the second tier League of this United Kingdom, Newcastle United entertain Huddersfield Town. The hosts sensed defeat with a thin score 1-2.

An original guest Nahki Wells into Bermuda, breaking the deadlock the two clubs. The player's goal in Huddersfield Town that this 26 year old chick on the 45 + 1.

The prominence of The Terriers squads, the nickname of Huddersfield Town, survived until the pause action.

But in the 60th minute, forward host Dwight Gayle successfully equalize the score. This player fails to implement Spurn 12 pas, but mental ball from goalkeeper DannyWard successfully struck by Gayle.

Man United Defender Ex So Decisive Victory Man City

Parity makes both teams mutually successive pressing. However, the ball stuck in the middle of the field so that a number of opportunities from Newcastle United as well as Huddersfield Town failed to so.

Recently entered 82 minutes, the host was shocked Huddersfield Town's second goal through midfielder Spurn Jack Payne. GOL Payne became a nightmare host.

Rafael Benitez would likewise foster children slumped on the bottom of the standings while the Division Championship, after this inaugural season matches last weekend also loses. They brushed Fulham 0-1.

For Huddersfield Town, along with Bristol City lead the standings with six points. Earlier, Mark Hudson dkk win over Brentford F.C. by a score of 2-1.

Manchester City won 2-1 victory over Sunderland on the first weekend of Premier League action, at the Etihad Stadium, Saturday (13/8/2016).

The three points earned City on this action is determined through the execution of a penalty Sergio Aguero (4 minutes) and the own goal later Sunderland Defender recruited from Manchester United, Patrick McNair (87 ').

As for the single goal Sunderland created by their mainstay striker, Jermaine Defoe,on 71 minutes.

Since the kick-off whistle blown referee Robert Madley, Josep Guardiola's team initiated direct pressing. Statistics premierleague.com noted that the City controlled 76.9 percent.

City need not linger stay tuned. When the match was only four minutes, City were already superior through penalty kick Aguero.

Man United Defender Ex So Decisive Victory Man City

The host gets a gift penalty after Raheem Sterling violated by Patrick van Aanholt on the left side of the penalty box Sunderland. Score 1-0 for City lasted down to drink.

In the second half, City were indeed still dominate the game. However, the match entered the 71 minutes, they thus conceded.

Sunderland successfully equalize 1-1 through Spurn Defoe. Received his from Jack Rodwell, Defoe calmly then the ball into goalkeeper Wilfredo Caballero, a City.

City of Sunderland stormed in the remaining time of the match. Venture Aguero dkk finally bearing fruit.

Three minutes towards the end of normal time, supporters of the hosts finally cheer after former McNair do own goal.

Starting from the piercing of Jesus Navas from the right side, the ball is then sent tothe penalty box. However, McNair who intend to anticipate instead placed the ball into his own goal.

That be the last goal in the match. Any city grabbed the three points thanks to a 2-1victory over Sunderland.