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The Two Faces Of Herrera

In two games last week, Ander Herrera showed two faces flips on the footballpublic. After performing offensive against Northampton in the League Cup (21/9/2016), Spain midfielder was playing very defensive when helping Manchester United win 4-1 over defending Premier League Leicester City (24/9/2016).

Author: Theresa Simanjuntak

League One clubs cons, NorthamptonHerrera played as the number 10 Jose Mourinho favorite formation, 4-2-3-1. Usually, Wayne Rooney is believed to be carrying out the role of the Mou.

Herrera run well role, which line of attack United looked lively. Players aged 27 yearsit was one of the goalscorers of the victory 3-1 Red Devil. A special goal because itwas bolted from outside the penalty box.

Scoresheet, Herrera became a starter in the next game against Leicester. However, the Mou does not place it as a central midfielder, but defensive midfielder.

Still with the same module, Herrera accompanied Paul Pogba as a duet as a defensive midfielder. During this time, the Howard paired with Marouane Pogba.

The Two Faces Of Herrera

Frankly, a lot of fan's United thought the defensive side of their favorite teams will be back in trouble. Herrera setali three money with Howard, that is characteristic of attacking midfielder.

No dinyana, hides his real instincts and Herrera appeared defensive. This can be demonstrated through statistical comparisons persist Herrera versus Leicester with allhis appearance in the EPL this season.

For example, Herrera took off six intersep cons The Foxes. Note that only one fewerthan the total number of which he created in 2015-2016.

What Herrera did positively impact for his partner, Pogba. The most expensive purchase in United's history that can be freely pulled out the typical character of a box-to-box midfielder and bolder attacks.

As a result, had the first goal finally Pogba in the EPL this season via the top corner that starts from Daley Blind.

Since the landing to Old Trafford in mid-2014, Herrera tend away from the media spotlight. Even so, his attitude was positive, making it one of the players honored supporters.

In comparison while still in Bilbao, Herrera does not routinely play as a starter sincebeing at Old Trafford. However, he never complained in public.

The two face a different game from Herrera pointed out that Real Zaragoza Academy product is more concerned with the team than yourself. He played despite the team needs outside the comfort zone.

The attitude of Herrera was appreciated Mourinho. "I liked the Herrera. Because of that, I think he'll continue to be with me in almost every game, "said the Manager ofthe origin of Portugal it.

The Two Faces Of Herrera

Plot 2-4

Mourinho seemed to have a covert agenda to Herrera. There is a potential Mou makes Herrera as Cesc Fabregas.

During his stint as Chelsea boss in 2013-2015, Fabregas, who was known throughout his career as an attacking midfielder, change a function into a defensive midfielder.

In the formation of the 4-2-3-1, 2-4 sang a Duet together Nemanja Matic, the original is a defensive midfielder. As a result, the duo Fabregas-Matic became one of the reasons Chelsea defence kokohnya in 2014-2015.

If so, Pogba, who has not yet been replaced on the midfielder, will often perform with Herrera Herrera showed a consistent action during defensive as against Leicester.

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Herrera abstinence fails. Because Manchester United has a series of players who canact in such a role, such as Howard, Michael Carrick, and Morgan Schneiderlin.

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Rangnick is one of a number of potential candidates who appear to fill the positionremained vacant after Sam Allardyce.

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"Rangnick is a careful thinker about the game of football and has experience as a coach and Sports Director for RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg."

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