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Sterling Is No Longer Lazy Ran

Rangnick is still served as a Director of sport at the Club the Bundesliga promotiondirectly make a sensation, RB Leipzig.

He was still bound by contract in Leipzig until 2019. Same position made Rangnick in Salzburg in 2012-2015.

Before his career in two clubs-hosted corporate giants, Red Bull energy drink, it's a number of other teams train Rangnick in Germany.

Call it the Bundesliga champions (2004-2005, 2011), Hannover (2001-2004), Stuttgart (1999-2001), and Hoffenheim (2006-2011).

The man who speaks fluent United Kingdom that most grabbed the trophy while Schalke menukangi. He helped the club win the Cup Germany 2010-2011, 2011 Germany Super Cup, and League Cup Germany 2005.

The tommyimage also remembered was when he led Schalke to the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League 2010-2011 and eliminated the Manchester United.

Sterling Is No Longer Lazy Ran

Rangnick ever seized attention when bringing promotion of Hoffenheim Regionalliga (3rd Division) to the Bundesliga in just over two years (2006-2008).

The glassy eyes of the man dubbed Arsene Wenger version that Germany also wasno stranger to the fastness of the FA.

He was once interviewed on the FA last summer as one of the candidates a successor to Roy Hodgson in a coach United Kingdom post-2016 European Championship.

The position remained vacant, only it's called more appropriately filled by local coach. Allardyce was the one who was elected.

Now, the FA tried to approach again Rangnick outside a number of other candidates, such as Steve Bruce (without Club), Eddie Howe (Bournemouth), Alan Pardew (Crystal Palace), Juergen Klinsmann (U.S. national team), until Gary Neville (ex Valencia).

Among the other Manchester City player, Raheem Sterling seems to be the most experienced improved performance in 2016-17 than last season. Based on statistics, one of the significant changes he is Sterling is no longer lazy ran.

The sixth week Premier League until 2016-17, Sterling has scored four goals and two assists. As a comparison, last season, 21-year-old attacker was simply repackagedone goal and one assist with up to sixth weekend EPL.

As a Manager, Pep Guardiola deserves a positive change top adulation Sterling.

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Sterling Is No Longer Lazy Ran

The rigorous training that prepare Spain coach made City since pramusim 2016 proven lifting the performance of child asuhnya.

The large number of contributions to the Sterling could not escape from his lazy not to run, especially in attack.

The data run the players City in EPL 2016-17 shows the Sterling experience increased miles per game.

This season their running speed increase 1.8 miles per game than last season.

Not only that, Sterling was recorded as the owner of the largest sprint among the EPL football player this season with a total of 82 sprint. Note that match the Liverpool players, Roberto Firmino.

Another fact that shows Sterling more diligent ran is dribel. Former Liverpool players it makes 22 dribel, only losing to Eden Hazard (Chelsea) and Adnan Januzaj (Sunderland) that makes 25 dribel.

Another note, as many as 10 of the 22 dribel Sterling penalty area occurred at the opponent.

Bournemouth Manager Eddie Howe, pleaded not interested in being suksesor SamAllardyce to handle United Kingdom national team.

Eddie Howe is one of the coaches who were touted as candidates to become the new United Kingdom national team coach.

The original coach United Kingdom aged 38 years was not denied being the Manager of the squad called The Three Lions is a lucrative job.

Sterling Is No Longer Lazy Ran

However, for the moment he is strongly committed alongside Bournemouth.

"I have a commitment here. Nothing has changed since this summer, "said Howe asreported by FourFourTwo.

"I often say to become coach of the United Kingdom is the main occupation. However, I've recruited players here and promising future to them, "he said.

Although the possibility of becoming a coach refused to tend United Kingdom, does not mean he closed the opportunity in the future.

"I'm not interested in that job right now. However, you can not predict what will happen in the future, "he said.

Sam Allardyce officially removed as The Three Lions skipper on Tuesday (27/9/2016) or one day after exposure to a scandal involving men aged 61 years.

In the video the investigation presented by United Kingdom media, Telegraph, Allardyce expose how to outsmart the rules of United Kingdom Football Federation (FA)of the associated proprietary players.