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Juventus must always Appear like at Etihad

AS Roma team appearance at the beginning of the season of 2015-16 failed to make the Club's management was satisfied. It makes the position of coach Rudi Garcia threatened will be shifted by the Giallorossi and replace him with Carlo Ancelotti.

Roma has indeed won a victory over Juventus in the Italian Serie A and hold againstBarcelona in the Champions League. But draw the face of Sassuolo and defeat Sampdoria showed that the appearance of the Giallorossi are inconsistent.

This is the one that makes the position increasingly threatened Garcia's ouster in the near future. Even stretching that occurs in some gambling houses Italy indicated that they believed that France coach will soon be fired before Christmas 2015.

Even as reported by Italy upon by Football News from local media in Rome said that the Giallorossi have been in contact with Chelsea. Ancelotti who now does not handle any club after being fired by Real Madrid, will most likely be former accepted an offer in the club it's kala is still a player.

Juventus must always Appear like at Etihad

However, reportedly all decision will soon be taken by the management of the clubafter seeing the performance of the Club in the next three games. Roma will entertain Carpi on Saturday (26/9/2015), and a trip to the headquarters of BATE Borisov (30/9), and Palermo (4/10).

If Rome failed to improve appearance and growing, most likely Rome will immediately depose Garcia and appointed Ancelotti as their new coach.

At the beginning of 2015-16, Ancelotti had indeed refused tawarand ari AC Milan because of want to relax for a moment from world football after experiencing great pressure as Real Madrid coach. However, Ancelotti was a fan of Rome and see that this is a great opportunity for him to fulfill his dream deal with Giallorossi suatusaat later.

Performance of Juventus at the beginning of the season of the 2015-16 very disappointing. When in fact the Bianconeri have the ability to beat any team in Europe, such as on the first matchday of the Champions League over Manchester City at Etihad Stadium.

Juventus came to Etihad without ever grabbing one victory ever in Serie A, won a 2-1 victory over Manchester City. The victory continued that presents the first three points for the Bianconeri in Serie A while visit to Stadio Luigi Ferreris face Genoa 2-0.

Juventus must always Appear like at Etihad

However, the two victories at home to the opponents could not be continued by Juventus when entertaining Frosinone in JStadium on the fifth weekend of Serie a. theVictory was already in front of the eyes must be dispersed due to Leonardo's goal Blanchard in the 90 + 2.

The results of this draw makes CEO John Elkann snarled. Elkann feel disappointed that Juventus is not playing with the same determined against Frosinone as when they beat Manchester City.

"What I expected was Juventus could face the team like Frosinone with the same determination as they show up Manchester City," said Elkann was quoted from Football Italy.

"Juventus have improved themselves and prove that they are a great team against a big team from the United Kingdom, but there is no doubt that they have to face every game with the same hard work and concentration is needed," he said.

So far Juventus recently won five points in Serie A and is stranded in the 13th position. The Bianconeri have now left behind 10 points from Inter Milan who won five season opening party of 2015-16.

Ahead of the visit of Juventus to Stadio San Paolo to face Napoli on Saturday(26/9/2015) local time, coach Massimiliano Allegri still claims to be disappointed with the development of his team after a 1-draw in the fifth week of the Serie A face of Frosinone, Wednesday (23/9/2015) local time.

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Juventus must always Appear like at Etihad

At those games, Juventus appearances actually are getting improved. What they play in the JStadium and have just picked up two victory over Genoa in Serie A and Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League.

Juventus has the advantage in terms of possession and chances are very striking. -Master the 69 per cent of the match and was able to create seven opportunities including 36 led to opponent.

But the final settlement be constraints Juventus to score a lot of goals. The only one who managed to be the scoring occurred in the 50th minute through Simone Zazaafter receiving feedback from Juan Cuadrado.

While the Frosinone yanghanya has 31 percent of the ball, just able to create nine experiments and a single shot on target. Really not lucky for Juventus, the only shoton target that became a goal in the 90th minute + 2 to bring the first points for Frosinone in Serie a.

This makes the Allegri admitted was furious. The development of the game of the season at Juventus has lots of new members should be able to walk quickly and soonfinished.