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Wenger Wants Arsenal legends Survive 3 more years

Arsenal legend Ian Wright, argues that Arsene Wenger deserves retained by the Club for a period of three years into the future.

Wenger has just celebrated the 20-year period working as Manager of Arsenal. However, keep in mind that France coach's contract that would expire at the end of the 2016-2017 season.

At the beginning of this season, most supporters had protested Arsenal related existence of Wenger. They felt it was time for Arsenal replace Wenger with the figure of the other coach.

There are several factors that make the supporters want Wenger retired from Office.Among them, Wenger rated too frugal grocery shopping in new players.

Later, Arsenal was considered already quite a long time could not find their PremierLeague trophy, a title which is not achieved by Wenger's troops within 12 years.

Even so, not all of them cornering Wenger. One that still supports the leadership ofWenger is Wright, former Arsenal striker in the period 1991-1998.

Wenger Wants Arsenal legends Survive 3 more years

Wenger expressed support for Wright in the BBC's tv program Premier League Show. He was accompanied by two other former Arsenal pillar, namely Martin Keown and John Hartson.

According to Wright, the first party should be held responsible if Arsenal fail to achieve the target was the players, not Wenger.

"I'll give him (Wenger) three more years. The reason is simple, he has put great confidence to skuadnya, but the squad is precisely mengecewakannya, "said Wright, Thursday (29/9/2016).

"This is what I say to the supporters of Arsenal. Be careful when you don't respect Wenger. Because, when you later Wenger goes, then you will be aware. Wenger has already brought the Club to a global level, "said Wright.

As long as the deal with Arsenal, Wenger had already offered 15 domestic titles. The details, the three trophies in six Premier League, FA Cup, and six degree Community Shield.

He also had a chance to bring Arsenal qualified for the Champions League final of 2006, although in the end lose 1-2 from FC Barcelona.

This time, Arsenal were ranked third on the standings while the Premier League. They pack the 13 points, or to be embedded with the pemuncak five points standings,Manchester City.

Liverpool FC era Juergen Klopp praised playing aggressive and entertaining. However, the question of who this team is at the forefront in midfield and defense. The Reds need changes in maintaining excellence.

Wenger Wants Arsenal legends Survive 3 more years

Author: Dwi Widijatmiko

For the sharpness of the team, the players admitted there was an increase in qualitysince Juergen Klopp in charge.

"I see the Liverpool team is totally different than last season. You look at our squadand could feel the quality of this team-owned, "said Vice Captain James Milner in the Daily Mail.

"Competition for the position of making the players trying hard always gives best performance," said 30-year-old midfielder who is now transformed into a left back then.

Optimism became welled up at the headquarters of Liverpool. Ahead of the one-year leadership Klopp, obviously there are signs The Red experienced improvement.

However, there is a huge PR which is still to be resolved and the players Liverpool Klopp. Homework that is defense. Guarantee of goals in a match Liverpool ala Kloppdoes not mean only the goals from The red.

Throughout this season, Liverpool have never get the clean sheet in the League. Last season, The Reds also conceded 40 goals in 30 matches during the Premier League led by Klopp.

"I didn't get a lot of protest after the victory of it over the Hull. But, I do expect something better in the second half, "said Klopp.

The Liverpool goalkeeper burglarized Hull in the second half. Before that The Reds are already winning 3-0.

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The words may be also Klopp is directed to the parties before it. When beat Chelsea2-1, The Red already had a 2-0 lead.

When conquering Leicester 4-1, the score already had 2-0 to Liverpool.

Similarly, the time counter Arsenal. Liverpool is already winning 4-1 before narrowlyovertaken by score to 4-3. In fact, score 1-1 against Tottenham ever occurred with the opponent scoring conditions later.

There is no problem with the Liverpool problem to start. The problem is keeping theadvantages they have.

"There is still much we need to fix. If you are a good team, a team that is brilliant, you have to be brilliant for 95 minutes, "said Klopp.