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Roberto Mancini Grabbed Victory 150

Luca Toni is not simply must be absent for two months. 38-year-old striker belonged to Verona is also required to undergo surgery to treat his left knee injury.

"Hellas Verona announced that based on diagnosis, surgery must be performed on the knees of Luca Toni. The surgery went well. But the recovery time depending onchanges that can be seen from the results of a scan in the next photo, "a club statement reported by Italy Football site.

Despite witnessing the passing of 35 years, Toni refused to hanging shoes. He chose to join Verona since 2013 and up to now have been managed 43 goals in Serie a.

Throughout his career, Toni had defended a series of elite clubs including Juventusand Fiorentina, Italy. He has twice ordain him as the top scorer in Serie A in 2005/06season and 2014/15.

Toni suffered the injury in a duel cons Atalanta (20/9). Until now, he had contributedone goal for Verona.

On Wednesday (11/9), Massimiliano "MaxAllegri taking only Juventus picking 1-draw the opponent teams, Frosinone.

Roberto Mancini Grabbed Victory 150

Score draw earned over Frosinone just resulted in Juventus's fifth points in five weeks beginning in 2015/16. Previously, the Serie A champions get a four figure result ofvictory over Genoa 2-0 and score draw with Chievo 1-1.

The remaining two parties led to the defeat of nirpoin alias kala meet Udinese 0 Roma 1-1 and-2. Any Allegri could not be excused himself from the bad facts. Since the competition using a system of awarding three points for a victory in 1994/95, has never been melakoni Juventus start as bad as this season.

If the guideline is performance in five weeks early, the performance of the Bianconeri currently differ drastically from their start in 2014/15 alias first season Allegri. Juventus when it won with a perfect record of mecatatkan entirely without once did concede!

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On start, scoring 15 points last season means three times more of the amount now.

If traced further, Max Allegri is confronted on the record more ugly. Their performance this season being the worst start since 1970 or 45 years ago! In the season1970/71, the Bianconeri melakoni five games beginning with the eleventh one victory, two draws and two defeats (1-2-2). Yes, the note was identical with the moment.

Allegri certainly want to avoid the scenario of 45 years ago, override his team. Juventus complete Serie of 1970/71 with is ranked fourth. If converted to present-day standings system, finish in that position means failure to qualify for the UEFA Champions League the 2016/17.

Roberto Mancini Grabbed Victory 150

Also see the interesting relationship between gait Juve this season with an era of 45years ago. Currently, Alvaro Morata cs. already several inches minus 10 points from the leader while, ardent Rivals Inter Milano origin it is the Serie A champion in the season 1970/71!

Italy media now routinely likened the pragmatic attitude of the character coach Roberto Mancini who escorted the Inter find their historical trigelar in 2009/10, Jose Mourinho.

Until the fifth week, Inter won the entire game with only one goal. Their games alsocriticized have not been convincing. Mancini ever referred to as a pragmatic figure.No matter the game ugly, as long as the team drove madly away from competitors.

Currently, Inter still leads by three points advantage over nearest rivals, Fiorentina. They have now excelled far above the other Giants, such as Juventus (+ 10 points), Napoli (+ 9), Rome (+ 7), Lazio (+ 6), and Milan (+ 6). Victory 1-0 over Chievo Veronaever gave rise to another record, especially make Mancini.

Those results pointed to victory-150 for the architect in Serie a. Throughout his career, Mancini kepelatihannya mengarsiteki three clubs, namely Italy Fiorentina (2001-02), Lazio (2002-04) and Inter (2004-08, 2014-...).

Inter Milan success maintaining a perfect record at the start of this season. Inter posted a record one hundred percent victory in five weeks.

Perfect record Inter continues thanks to a 1-0 victory over Verona at the Giuseppe Meazza, Wednesday (23/9). Single goal I Nerazzurri (black-blue) was born through the hard top Felipe Melo in Act II. Brazil midfielder it welcomes feedback corner compatriot, Alex Telles, perfectly.

These results reaffirm the thick red line that marks the journey Inter at the start of this season. Throughout their victory occurs on a minimalist because obtained by justone goal advantage over opponents.

Jose over Verona was the victory by a score of 1-0 fourth earned Roberto Mancini's troops from five games. Because of that, the results of the comparison of the two faces Inter inevitable. The positive side to emerge due to the Nerazzurri's victory this week accompanied by the notes of the fourth inter goal.